Our vision for Ash Grove RIV School District is one in which children are educated through a collaborative effort among faculty, staff, students, parents, and the community. Our schools will offer a curriculum that challenges all levels of learners to achieve their highest potential. The curricula will include a commitment to innovation and personalized instruction where students are motivated to learn with the help of quality instruction led by well trained teachers and supported by leading edge technology. The district will offer authentic learning opportunities that are relevant and that provide real world experiences. Delivery of curriculum will include opportunities for small, flexible, and multi-aged groups that inspire students to become engaged, focused, confident, and committed learners. Students will learn in a safe, encouraging, and respectful environment where they are comfortable to take pride in their learning and are not afraid to accept the challenge of success. Students will become productive citizens who demonstrate pride in their school and community and leave a legacy for future generations.

Educators are supported, dedicated, respected, fun, empowered, and innovative and strive to be satisfied in their jobs.

Schools are safe, clean, foster mutual respect, technology rich, collaborative, and a model of excellence in providing a quality education.

Students are engaged, respected, of good character, motivated, fun, active, real world learners.

Parents are informed, involved, respected, supportive partners in their child’s education.