Teacher Proud Tuesday

In connection with GOCSD, we will be celebrating a teacher from each of our buildings on every 2nd Tuesday of the month for the rest of the year. I want to thank all of our amazing teachers and this month's winners are:

Ms. Kristen Norsten- Special Education Teacher- AG Elementary

Mr. Statham Ward- Special Education Teacher- BD Elementary

Ms. Michelle Carter- Band Director- AG High School/Junior High

Here are a few thoughts that were given about each teacher-

Ms. Norsten:

Ms. Norsten is always available to help anyone who needs it. She is typically the first one here and the last one to leave. She does so many extra little things for her students and for our school. She never expects praise or recognition. She just quietly goes the extra mile. Her generosity and kindness has been a blessing to me and to many others.

Mr. Ward:

He is positive, caring, empathetic and always full of life. He puts his students first and is a team player. Mr. Ward goes above and beyond in all he does, both professionally and personally. His smile is contagious and he gives his students 110% without hesitation. He is a huge part of our Bois D'Arc Elementary family and we are blessed to have him.

Ms. Carter;

The Ash Grove High School Band has been selected to perform at the 84th Annual Missouri Music Educators Association Conference in January. Selection to perform at the conference is the highest honor an ensemble in Missouri can receive. This selection represents the high level of music instruction Ms. Carter provides to our students daily, as well as, the perseverance and commitment to strive for excellence Ms. Carter has established in her program.